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Wholesale Program

We offer a wholesale program for those who wish to carry our products. You’ll find traditional pure maple syrup and confections in brightly colored plastic jugs and beautiful Italian glass containers, as well as infused maple syrups and maple sugar coated nuts. But you’ll also see preserves, marinades, sauces, and spices combining pure maple syrup with fruits, berries, herbs, and vegetables from our farm.

Our product line offers certain advantages:
  • locally owned and produced
  • products which will not compete with your existing lines
  • unique choices for your customers
  • all natural ingredients, without artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives
  • produced in a state inspected commercial production center, privately owned, located right on the farm
  • no distributor, so margins are passed on to you – you deal directly with the owners/producers
  • reasonable initial orders and re-order quantities

We go beyond merely supplying our products by offering marketing support as well:
  • We promote our products at over a dozen fairs and farmers' markets around the state, and your customers will have an opportunity to meet the farmers/producers themselves
  • Your retail location will be advertised on our web site at no charge
  • We can schedule a food tasting day or cooking demo at your retail location, where we supply the samples and product, and you get a percentage of sales

Take some time to browse through our product line before you contact us.

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