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From the Kitchen

The Warren Farm & Sugarhouse specializes in the production of unique gourmet foods, using traditional New England flavors and combinations.  We grow many of the berries, fruits, vegetables, and herbs used in these products right here on the farm.  For our customers, that insures the freshest ingredients possible, but it may also mean that some varieties may be out of stock until the following growing season.  We do not use artificial ingredients, colors, or preservatives. We hope you support us in this philosophy.

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Jams & Jellies  (190 ml)  $5.75                    

Spring Preserves   Maple Jelly
    Blueberry Maple Jam
    Rhubarb Jam
    Blu-Barb Jam
    Strawberry Blueberry Jam
    Strawberry Rhubarb Jam





Summer Preserves Strawberry Jam
Black Raspberry Jam
Red Raspberry Jam
Peach Jam
Peach Melba
Strawberry Peach Jam






Fall Preserves Crab Apple Jelly
  Cranberry Maple Butter
  Blackberry Jam
  Concord Grape Jam
  Quince Jelly
  Autumnberry Jelly

For special occasions, we suggest using cream cheese & crackers with . . .

Hot Pepper Jelly

Jalapeno Peach Jam





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Savory Oils (250 ml)  $8.50

They're marinades, dressings, drizzles, dipping oils . . . all in one bottle!  How will YOU use them? !  
  Maple Balsamic A sultry blend of pure maple syrup, garlic, peppercorns, spices, and rich balsamic vinegar creates an unforgettable marinade for dark meats, acts as an amazing dressing for sliced tomatoes and mozzarella, and provides a hearty dipping oil for European market breads.
  Lemon Basil A surprisingly delightful combination of pure maple syrup, cider vinegar, and dried lemon peel, along with mustard and other spices, that enhances light meats, fish, and seafood, is a superior dressing for greens, and serves as a unique dipping oil.
  New England Adobo Historically, Adobo seasoning is a Spanish blend brought to the Philippines, where they added coconut milk to the recipe.  We've substituted maple syrup, of course, to come up with THE perfect marinade for chicken and pork!  Smoked chipotle pepper just warms the back of your throat.













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Maple Molly's Dog 'N Rib Sauce
Our own BBQ sauce is made sweet, not hot and spicy.  Great on hot dogs & kielbasa!  When you visit the farm, you'll meet Molly herself.  This is a no-salt product.
One pint, 16 oz.        $8.50

  Maple Mustard We've mellowed a wonderful blend of mustards with maple - a sauce that goes with everything!

250 ml bottle     $6.75

 Maple Teriyaki Sauce Our special combination of soy and maple, with dried garlic and onion, makes this an irresistible sauce for chicken and seafood!  Use it as a finishing glaze for salmon!!!

250 ml bottle     $6.75

Thai Maple Peanut  Sauce Our most amazing and addictive sauce ever!  Luscious spicy peanut sauce has a 3 second delay before you feel a "back of the throat" warmth.  Use with stir fry, with chicken, or a dipping sauce for veggies.

250 ml bottle     $6.75

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Miscellaneous Products


Jackflaps - Pancake Mix with dried Blueberries, Cranberries, or Maple Sugar - just add water!

Since Molly had her own products, our newest dog Jack had to have one, too!  These are so easy and fluffy!

  20 oz. bag    $9.50, choose flavor


Pure clover honey earlier in the season, and wildflower later season.


2 oz. squeeze Baby Bear    $4.00
12 oz. squeeze bear    $7.50               
1 lb. jar                         $9.50               
2 # jar                         $16.50

Made by a family in New Hampshire, we are proud to include this wonderful coffee.  It's not sweet, but has the great aroma and flavor of the essence of maple!

  1.75 oz. bag        $5.50

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