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Pure Maple Syrup/Infused Maple Syrups/Maple Confections/Maple Sugar Coated Nuts

From the Sugarhouse

Mid February brings us all outdoors to set our taps and begin again the 1000 year old tradition of making pure maple syrup.   For us, here on our farm, maple is the 1st crop we harvest each year.  Please enjoy the fruits of our labor!

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Pure Maple Syrup

Plastic Jugs

The Warren Farm & Sugarhouse plastic jugs display the face of our barn/gift shop in bright, beautiful 4 color screening, we have our own state bottle to showcase our syrup!

1/2 gallon  $44.50
quart $23.50
pint $14.50
1/2 pint $9.50


Classic bottle of medium amber maple syrup with our brightly colored label depicting The Warren Farm & Sugarhouse.

8.45 oz. $10.50


Beautiful version of a single maple leaf!  Dramatic full face with raised leaf vein detailing.  Twist off cap under a gold capsule.

500 ml $ 18.50
250 ml       $14.50
100 ml        $9.00
50 ml          $4.50





Very cute glass bottle with log cabin raised detailing.  Shows door, windows, and snow piles.

250 ml $14.50
50 ml  $4.50  


Maple Moon

Stunning round bottle with half a beveled maple leaf outline on each side of the bottle! Twist off gold cap,  3 sizes.

500 ml     $18.50                              
250 ml      $14.50 (not pictured) 
100 ml        $9.00  



Classic and handsome glass jug with handle.

500 ml  $18.50
50 ml    $4.50



Massachusetts Bottle

Finally, we have our own state bottle to showcase our syrup!

250 ml          $14.50        


Warren Farm and Sugarhouse Tarquina bottle


Gorgeous Italian glass bottle with raised maple leaf on the shoulder. A real work of art!

250 ml $14.50
100 ml $9.00       


  Gingerbread Man

How cute is this!  This little guy adds whimsey to the season.  Available in 2 sizes starting around mid-October.

250 ml          $14.50        
50 ml              $4.50 

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Infused Maple Syrups


Cinnamon   Blueberry   Vanilla Bean   Cranberry   Habanero  
Marvelous infusion of cinnamon stick in pure maple syrup.  A fine dessert syrup, it also adds a special flavor to coffee and tea.  The raised maple leaf on the front of the bottle says it's still mmm...maple! Blueberries infused in pure maple syrup makes this a very special New England flavor!    Great drizzled over fresh fruit. Vanilla bean infused in pure maple syrup makes this about the richest tasting dessert syrup we make!   The raised maple leaf on the bottle says it all about this combination! We kept the tartness of the cranberries along with the sweetness of maple.   Fabulous with winter squash or splashed on apple pie. For those of you who can't get enough "Sweet Heat", we've infused this one with our own organically grown habanero peppers.  Drizzle over salmon or sweet potato fries, as a simple syrup in cocktails, just use it with gusto!
  200 ml bottle   $12.50   200 ml bottle   $12.50   200 ml bottle   $12.50   200 ml bottle   $12.50   200 ml bottle   $12.50 

smoked maple syrup

Our 2 newest infustions:

Smoked Maple

Smoked Maple is gently smoked with alder wood in our smoker and has a mild smokey-sweet flavor - just like bacon in a bottle. Great finisher for most things you grill or roast.

Maple Mole'

Maple Mole' has been infused with chocolate habaneros we grow here on the farm (they look so yummy!) then blended with typical mole' spices, without the peanuts. Sweet, spicy, and definately with the warm, back-of-the-throat glow that only habaneros can provide. Great over ice cream, cheesecake, or strawberries, but it can be used just like any mole' sauce with pulled pork or chickern. Try a 50/50 mix with vodka over ice for a kicky cocktail!

Each is a 250ml bottle for $15.00


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Pure Maple Confections


Pure Maple Spread

There's nothing like pure maple spread -  goes on like frosting on a cake!  Know also as maple cream, there is no dairy used in this product.  Smooth and creamy, use on toast, muffins, cookies, cakes - or right off the spoon!

 1/2 pound jar     $9.50

Pure Maple Sugar Candy

 This traditional leaf-shaped candy just melts in your mouth.  Nothing else is blended in - we just boil away more water to form sugar crystals.  Look for our distinctive packaging - always farm fresh.  

1.75 oz. large leaf      $4.00
3.5 oz. package of 12 fancies     $7.50



Pure Maple Block

This was the original method the Native Americans used to keep maple syrup all year - they boiled it down to form blocks of hard crystals!  Grated over foods, many say block has the best concentrated maple flavor.

1/2 pound block     $9.50

Pure Granulated Maple Sugar

 Use just as you would table sugar.  Contains calcium, magnesium, potassium, and antioxidants.  It also has a lower glycemic index than white sugar.  A more healthy and flavorful alternative.   We offer 2 sizes.          

5 oz. shaker top jar     $7.50
1 pound tub    $25.50

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Maple Sugar Coated Nuts

Maple Sugar Coated Cashews

For cashew lovers, we've taken your favorite to a new level of indulgence and coated them with pure maple  sugar.

6 oz. bag     $6.50

Maple Sugar Coated Walnuts

Maple and walnuts have gone together for ever!  So many uses, so little time . . .

6 oz. bag     $6.50


Maple Sugar Coated Pecans

Soft, chewy, large pecan halves coated with pure maple sugar - heavenly!

6 oz. bag     $6.50

The warren farm holiday nut boxes

Holiday Nut Boxes

Our Our famous maple sugar coated nuts are boxed specially for the holidays! Available as individual varieties or in a 3-nut combo with a 50 ml bottle of pure maple syrup.

8 oz. single nut (Specify pecan, walnut or cashew) $12.50

1 lb. 8 oz. combo w/syrup $30.50







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