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Gift Baskets & Shippers


The Warren Farm specializes in the flavors of New England.  The farm's gift baskets contain traditional pure maple syrup and maple confections as well as an array of specialty food products.  We'll make your selection easy by offering theme baskets and shippers, representing our most popular products.  Or you can customize you own by choosing items From the Sugarhouse and From the Kitchen pages.  Businesses are encouraged to contact us to create special thank-you, recognition, or holiday baskets or boxes for employees, contacts, and accounts.

All of our baskets can be shipped anywhere in the world.



A Child's Farm & Sugarhouse

A plastic 1/2 pint jug of pure maple syrup, strawberry jam, a 4-pack of pure maple sugar candy for sharing with friends, 4 honey sticks, hot chocolate, and a maple sugaring coloring book.


plus shipping

Grandma's Cupboard A plastic 1/2 pint jug of pure maple syrup, any 2 varieties of our jams, a 12 oz. squeeze bear of honey, maple coffee, and maple teas. $42.00

plus shipping


The Warren Farm Breakfast A plastic 1/2 pint jug of pure maple syrup, a bottle of blueberry infused maple syrup, strawberry jam, a bag of Jackflaps pancake mix, maple coffee, and maple teas. $49.50

plus shipping

The Sugarhouse The Classic 1/2 pint bottle of pure maple syrup, a 1/2 lb. jar of pure maple spread, a 1.75 oz. pure maple sugar leaf candy, a jar of maple jelly, an 11 oz. bag of maple sugar coated peanuts, and a 4 oz. shaker jar of granulated maple sugar. $53.00

plus shipping

Warren Farm Gourmet Basket Maple Molly's Dog 'N Rib Sauce,  maple mustard, maple teriyaki sauce, New England Adobo marinade, colonial maple rub, red maple rub, and smokey maple rub. $53.00

plus shipping

Warren Farm Party Basket

Maple veggie rub, maple mustard, an 11 oz. bag of maple sugar coated peanuts, an 8 oz. bag of maple sugar coated cashews,  an 8 oz. bag of maple sugar coated pecans, a 7oz. bag of maple sugar coated walnuts, hot pepper jelly and jalapeno peach jam, and instructions for making appetizers and snacks.


plus shipping


Shippers are very popular combinations of our products that fit exactly into the U.S. Postal Service, flat rate, priority mail boxes.  The beauty of these shippers is that the cost of shipping will always be one set price - no matter how heavy they are or where they are going - anywhere in the United States, Hawaii and Alaska included!  All shippers include recipes and serving suggestions.  Ask us to quote on your own special combination!  (Prices are based on USPS Flat Rate, Priority Mail Box for shipping anywhere in the U.S., and are subject to change with any rate increases).


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Finishing Sauces

There are infinite gourmet possibilities with our finishing sauces - Maple Mustard, Maple Teriyaki Sauce, and Maple Molly's Dog 'N Rib Sauce.  Easy to brush on at the end!


(includes shipping)

Jackflaps and Syrup

Our border collie Jack sends his best for breakfast!  Pick one of 3 pancake mix flavors -  cranberry, blueberry, and maple!  Also includes an 8.45 oz. raised leaf bottle of pure maple syrup.


(includes shipping)

Savory Oils

Includes our Maple Balsamic, Lemon Basil, and New England Adobo Marinades.  Great with most meats, fish,  and roasted vegetables!  Can also be used on salads, steamed vegetables, and for fresh market bread dipping.


(includes shipping)

Snacking Combo

 Our most popular snacks!  Hot Pepper Jelly and Jalapeno Peach Jam (to go with cream cheese and crackers) and bags of Maple Sugar Coated Cashews and Pecans.  Who can resist?


(includes shipping)


BBQ & Spice Rubs

For grilling, roasting and broiling, you'll love these!  Maple Molly's Dog 'N Rib Sauce and 6 of our spice rubs (excludes Maple Pepper) make it easy to add flavor to your food.


(includes shipping)

3 Infused Syrups

We offer our most elegant selection of Blueberry, Cranberry, and Cinnamon infused syrups,  with nearly two dozen suggestions for innovative uses.


(includes shipping)

Maple Nut Combo

This popular combo tin contains 1 lb. 12 oz. of maple sugar coated cashews, pecans, walnuts, and peanuts. A 50 ml, raised leaf bottle of pure maple syrup nestles in the center. 


(includes shipping)