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Heirloom Tomato Crop


Sale of Plants begins May 1st, 2016 9:00 am




What could be more beautiful and tasty than these historically older varieties of tomatoes?  This year's crop represents tomatoes from all over the world!  Naturally true to their original strain. these tomatoes have the most unique colors, and combinations of colors, shapes, and flavors!  Picture a platter of sliced heirlooms, sprinkled with fresh basil from your garden and splashed with some good olive oil. . .

Scrumptous sample of last year's harvest



Plus, for added interest, we grow some of our favorite "can't live without" and classic varieties as well!  There are  always more varieties than we've listed - and more than you'll have space for!!!  We have other vegetable and herb plants for sale as well.  All of our plants are started from organic seed by me in our greenhouses, and are gently hand-tended and raised organically until you take them home.

This year, time just flew by and things got away from me. We neglected to get copyright permission to use pictures from the companies to post on my web site. So, this year’s varieties will include a description of the tomato alongside its name instead. You can google the picture yourself. Many apologies, but we hope you enjoy 2016’s heirloom crop.


Large Tomatoes      

Aunt Ruby's German Green


Grow this every year! A gorgeous beefsteak, light green outside, lime green interior, with a pink blush at the blossom end that infused upwards through the interior. Cuts like butter, very small seed cavities, great flavor!

Black Krim


Medium sized with dark reddish brown exterior, green shoulders, and brick red interior. Flavor is on the sweet side

Chocolate Stripes


Beautiful reddish brown exterior with greenish stripes!  Dark red interior and sweet flesh

Costoluto Genovese


Wonderful old Italian market tomato.  Red inside and out, with a balanced tomato flavor.  Ribbed exterior, so slices are scalloped. Dr. Wyche's Yellow  

Green Zebra


Salad sized, green exterior with gold-green stripes.  Flavor has a hint of citrus.

Giant Syrian


Large, big red (inside and out) tomato with old-fashioned true tomato flavor.

Paul Robeson


Darkest of all the “black” tomatoes.  Salad size with great tomato flavor.  Just a little sweet.


Just beautiful!  Beefsteak with tiny seed cavities – very meaty!  Persimmon colored inside and out, with a hint of fruitiness in the flavor.

Ponderosa Red 


Large, round, red inside and out with a well balanced tomato flavor.

  Striped Germain


Beefsteak bi-color yellow with red marbling.  Lower acid than other tomatoes.  Stunning!

White Wonder


Salad size and prolific!  Light cream colored inside and out, with a VERY low acid content.  Almost creamy flavor.


Cherry Tomatoes

Would be killed if I didn’t grow this each year!  Dark (almost purple) earthy and VERY sweet.

Amazing cream-colored cherry with bluish shoulders.  Nover grown before but REAL curious!
Chadwick Cherry

Love, love, love this one!  Big, prolific, non-stop fruits with slightly sweet tomato flavor.

Large, slightly sweet, not citrousy as most green tomatoes are.  Almost olive green when ripe.
Lollipop Large, light yellow, sweet fruits.  Low acid, and prolific. Pink

  Beautiful pink cherry with yellow stripes.  Great flavor and a little large for a cherry.

Bumble Bee
Small oval fruits (about1-1 ½”)with pointed bottoms.  Dark, sweet, different!
Pear-shaped, meaty fruits with old fashioned tomato flavor.  Great for making tomato jam.     Rutgers


This heirloom is short and compact.  Developed in 1928 to make Campbells Soup. Dark red, 7 oz. slicers – great for canning, too!


  So love this one!  Light cream colored, med. Sized fruits, but sweet.  Very low acid.  Also prolific.  


  Another standard, meaty tomato, great flavor and prolific.  Goes on forever!      
Paste Tomatoes
Black Icicle San Marzano  


Hot Peppers




Big, beautiful, mild heat, made lots of chile rellenos this winter just by freezing them whole.  Awesome!




The standard for roasting to make sauces, like mole.  Little more heat than anaheims.



Red cherry bombs, good heat, great pickled!



Best dried and ground our strung as ristras for use later.


Chocolate Habanero


Lots of sweet heat here.  Really does look like milk chocolate. 



Good amount of heat.  Blunt ends, peppers are cream colored to red when ripe.



The Mexican standard, needs no explanation.




Beautiful, 2” long, thin, hot pepper.  Bright yellow with a fruity flavor when roasted.


Orange Habanero

Lots of heat here!  Brilliant color, sweet flavor when added to foods.
Pasilla Bajia   My favorite!  Very mild heat.  I throw then into a baggie to freeze and add them to scrambled eggs and other stuff!   Scotch Bonnet   Extreme heat! Bright orange, hat shaped pepper.    Tabasco Ripens to bright orange-red.  Famous for making the standard hot sauce!
Last update: April 20, 2016